Article I – Membership

Section 1

Any reputable person, regardless of race, sex, creed, color or pitching ability that has their principal residence in Pennsylvania may become a member of the Association upon payment of NHPA and Association dues.

Section 2

Limited Membership to the Association is open to any reputable person that has their principal residence in Pennsylvania and has paid the annual Association dues.  Limited members of the Association who are not NHPA members are not eligible to pitch in sanctioned tournaments but are eligible to vote at Association meetings and hold an officer position within the Association.

Section 3

The Association dues may be approved or changed at the annual meeting.  If no such action is taken, the dues shall remain the same as the preceding year.

Section 4

Annual Association dues are $35.00 ($10.00 for the Association and $25.00 for NHPA) for adult players and $8.00 for Juniors and Cadets ($3.00 for the Association and $5.00 for NHPA).

Section 5

Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote in the affairs of the Association at any meeting of the members.  Junior members may vote but are not permitted to hold office in the Association.

Section 6

A member in good standing must be accorded all rights and privileges extended by affiliated clubs and the Association.

Section 7

A member may be suspended for the following:
a. Non-payment of dues or fees
b. Willfully violating the Constitution or By-laws of the Association
c. By participating in the tournament under an assumed name, being guilty of fraud, fixing games, or conduct unbecoming of a member.
d. Directly or indirectly betting on a contest or self when entered in the competition.
e. For consistently violating the rules and standards established by the NHPA and the Association.

Article II – Representatives

Section 1

The composition of Executive Council shall be made up by one representative nominated by each of the Association’s recognized clubs and one representative at large for members not belonging to a recognized club in the charter.  The size of the council depends on the number of recognized clubs holding sanctioned tournaments within the association’s geographical boundaries of Western Pennsylvania.  The chosen club representative must be Association members.

Section 2

Article III – Executive Council

Section 1

The Executive Council is an administrative-judicial body empowered to act on all matters not specified in the Constitution and By-laws.

Section 2

The President of the Association shall act as chairman of all meetings called by the President.

Section 3

More than half of the Council’s members must be present for quorum.

Section 4

Each member of the Council shall have one vote and the majority shall rule.  Ties will be broken by the President’s vote.

Section 5

For matters that the President decides that are urgent and require immediate action, the President shall poll the Council by mail, e-mail or telephone without having a formal meeting.  All Council members must be notified.

Section 6

The Executive Council shall also be the judicial body to interpret the Constitution and By-laws.  Technical points shall be submitted in writing for decisions and ruling declared official.

Section 7

Should any member of the Council (not including the President) be unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to death, resignation, suspension, or movement to out of state residence, their position shall be filled by their club for the duration of the term.

Section 8

Minutes shall be kept of all Executive Council meetings by the Secretary-Treasurer and are to be made available upon demand by any member of the Association in good standing.

Article IV – Sanctioned Tournaments

Section 1 – General Rules
a. Requests for Association and NHPA sanctioned tournaments shall be made through the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.  The requirements shall be that all members of sanctioned classes belong to the Association and NHPA Associations and that the event adheres to the requirements set up by the Association and NHPA.

b. NHPA rules will govern all events that are sanctioned by the Association, with the exception of those stated in the Constitution and By-laws of the Association.

c. For all tournaments conducted in the State, the tournament director shall collect a tax payable to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association with the purpose of providing support for State Tournaments and promoting the Association.  This tax shall be $2.00 per person per tournament and shall remain in effect until changed at the annual meeting.  The tax does not apply to Junior or Cadet members entering at a reduced entry fee.

d. All contestants in any sanctioned event must be in good standing with the Association or another state Association.

e. Pitchers must wear a shirt with their name and hometown neatly displayed on the back of their shirt.  And, pitchers must have their first name (nick name is acceptable – must be in good taste) on the front of their shirt for easy identification by other members.

f. Contestants must enter each tournament using the average of the 3 highest percentages they pitched in all sanctioned tournaments during the preceding 12-month period.

g. First place will be determined by a ladder type single game play-off.  All other positions shall be determined by ringer position.

h. Alternately an NHPA sanctioned club or league average may be used if 400 or more shoes were pitched.

i. A minimum $10.00 entry fee for adult players (no minimum for Juniors or Cadets) and a $1.00 scorekeeping fee from each contestant per game is required. 

j. As a courtesy, all members will be allowed to drop-out of one sanctioned tournament per year without penalty because of health problems and still receive credit for the tournament if half of the scheduled games have been completed.  A legitimate reason must be provided to the tournament director and the final decision to give credit for the tournament will be made by the tournament director of that event.  No other credits for incomplete tournaments will be awarded once a member has used up this one-time annual allowance.

k. Any rule changes must be approved at the Association’s annual meeting.

l. All tournament cut off dates will be 7 days prior to the tournament date.  Any entries received after the 7day deadline shall be at the sole discretion of the tournament director.

m. All sanctioned leagues in Western Pennsylvania that use a NHPA sanction number are subject to a $2.00 fee for each member of their league, payable to the Association secretary within two weeks of the ending of that league’s season.

n. For any State Tournament, any pitching class with less than 6 pitchers will hold a least 1 round robin.

o. Tournament Directors must report tournament results and send the $2.00 per pitcher tax to the Association’s Statistician within 2 weeks from the date of the tournament.

Section 2 – State Singles Championship Tournament
a. The site of the State Singles Championship Tournament (the “State Tournament”) will be on a rotating basis from year to year from a schedule that is set up by the officers of the Association.

b. There will be no bid money involved for the location of the State Championship Tournament.

c. To host the State Tournament, a club must meet the following requirements:
1. The facilities and staff will be adequate.
2. Facility has 13 lighted courts

d. The President of the Association will have the responsibility of placing the tournament from the rotation list.

e. Adults contestants must reside in Pennsylvania and have pitched a minimum of 3 NHPA Sanctioned Tournaments in the preceding 12 months prior to 10 days prior to the State Tournament up to the day after the State Tournament.  Two of the required tournaments must be outdoor tournaments held in Pennsylvania.  Junior contestants must reside in Pennsylvania and have pitched in a minimum of 1 NHPA Sanctioned tournament in the preceding 12 months prior to the entry deadline for the State Singles Horseshoe Tournament.  A NHPA sanctioned league shall be considered as one of the tournaments required provided that 400 or more shoes have been pitched in that league prior to the entry deadline for the State Tournament.

f. The men’s Championship class shall consist of the top 8 entries in that division.  They will play a round robin on the first day and a round robin on the second day.  The class size for all other division championship classes will be determined by the tournament director and will be based on the number of entries per division with the objective of making those divisions as fair as possible for all participants.  Championships will be crowned per NHPA rules in the following categories:  Men, Elder, Women and Juniors.  Players in the lower divisions shall be seeded by their previously established ringer percentage.  Other than the Championship class, Elders and Women may be combined at the discretion of the tournament director.  The tournament will be conducted in a round robin fashion, with each contestant required to compete with every other contestant in their class.

g. Games won and lost shall determine the position of the player.  The winner of each division shall be crowned as class champion.  The Championship divisions will be State Champions with the men class listed as the “Pennsylvania Men’s Horseshoe Pitching Champion”, the women’s class will be listed as the “Pennsylvania Women’s Horseshoe Pitching Champion” and the Elder’s Class will be listed as the “Pennsylvania Elder’s Horseshoe Pitching Champion”.  The Association shall recognize no other player as said Champion.

h. The State Men’s Champion and the State Women’s Champion shall receive a jacket as a prize instead of a plaque or trophy.  State officers will be in charge of ordering the jackets in a timely manner.

Section 3 – State Indoor Championship

a. The Association will also hold an Indoor Championship at one of the indoor clubs yearly.  All classes will be non-mixed. The only exception is men’s, women’s and elder’s may be mixed and the tournament will have  one Championship class.  The winner of this class will be the Pennsylvania Indoor State Champion. (The outdoor State Champions are considered State Champions, and the Indoor champion(s) will be recognized as simply Indoor State Champion(s).

b. Adult contestants must reside in Pennsylvania and have pitched in a minimum of 3 NHPA sanctioned tournaments in the preceding 12 months prior to the entry deadline for the Pennsylvania State Indoor Championship.  Two of these tournaments must be indoor tournaments held in Pennsylvania.  Junior contestants must reside in Pennsylvania and have pitched in a minimum of 1 NHPA sanctioned tournament in the preceding 12 months prior to the entry deadline for the Pennsylvania Indoor State Championship.  A NHPA sanctioned league shall be considered as one of the tournaments required provided that 400 or more shoes have been pitched in that league prior to the entry deadline for the Pennsylvania Indoor State Championship.

c. The State Indoor Championship Tournament shall be held on a rotating basis as set up by the State officers.

Article V – Specific Duties of the President

Section 1

The duties of the President shall be to preside over all meetings and to administer the business of the Association, to pass on any obligations and to handle other duties that may come to his/her attention in promoting the best interest of the Association.

Article VI – Specific Duties of the Vice President

Section 1

The Vice-President shall have the same duties as the President, but shall assume them only in the absence of the President.

Article VII – Specific Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer

Section 1

The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be to keep accurate minutes, act as custodian of all funds of the Association, sign all warrants of the Association expenditures, keep financial records of the Association funds, attend to correspondences and any other duties which may come to his/her attention as necessary to promote the best interest of the Association.

Section 2

Publicize events through the Association’s newsletter and notify the NHPA of such events. The Pitcher Pulse will be the official newsletter of the Association.  There will be a minimum of two issues of The Pitcher Pulse annually to be printed in approximately early April and early September prior to the start of the next season. Each club is to submit an article about their club for print in The Pitcher Pulse.

Section 3

The Secretary-Treasurer shall handle or direct all state-wide newspaper publicity for the Association.

Section 4

The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a written financial report of the fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) and have it available to all Association clubs and Executive council members.

Section 5

The Secretary-Treasurer shall have the authority to designate agents so the above responsibilities are faithfully discharged.

Article VIII – Specific Duties of the State Statistician

Section 1

The duties of the State Statistician shall be to maintain records of each tournament held by the Association’s member clubs and to report the statistics of each tournament participant to the NHPA.

Article IX– Annual Stipends

Section 1

The President shall receive $75.00, the Vice President shall receive $75.00, the Secretary-Treasurer/State Statistician shall be considered one position and shall receive $2.00 per Association member.

Section 2

The stipends can only be changed by a vote of the members at the annual meeting. 

Article X – Amendment Procedure

Section 1

a. Any member in good standing may propose additions or changes to the Constitution or By-laws in writing or at the annual meeting.

b. Proposed changes must be seconded and passed by a majority of all voting members at the annual meeting.

c. Amendments may be made to a proposed change when approved by the membership prior to the vote on the original proposed change.

End of By Laws

Last updated September 21, 2020